The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster
The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster
The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster
The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster
The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster

The Overlook Hotel Retro Travel Poster

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Come play with us.. forever and ever... Welcome to The Overlook Hotel, the perfect getaway to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and maybe even work on your writing! This Shining-inspired poster is perfect for fans of both horror and fiction, and is great for those who are looking to decorate their home, office, and also makes a great gift for birthdays, house warming, and other holidays! 


  • Professionally printed on thick, archival-quality paper with a smooth finish.
  • Posters ship in a sturdy cardboard mailing tube. 
  • Frames sold separately here.
  • Artwork created by Danielle Sylvan. 

      All orders are fulfilled by the original artist, Danielle Sylvan. Sylvan Design Co. is the only official website to purchase her artwork.

      Customer Reviews

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      From Jack

      As Jack Torrance, once caretaker of the iconic Overlook Hotel, my gaze upon this poster rekindles a whirlwind of memories, vivid and intense, from my tenure within its storied halls. The artwork captures not just the hotel's imposing facade, set against a backdrop of stark, breathtaking mountains, but also its eerie, almost palpable atmosphere, that unique blend of grandeur and foreboding that so defines the Overlook.

      This isn't merely a poster; it's a portal, a meticulously crafted window into the very soul of the Overlook, inviting onlookers to step into its embrace, to wander its endless corridors, and to lose themselves in its timeless charm. The artist has masterfully seized the essence of the hotel, its silent majesty and its whispered secrets, rendering not just an image but an experience, a piece of the Overlook itself.

      For those who appreciate not just the art of cinema but the deeper, haunting narratives that linger in spaces both grand and mysterious, this poster is a treasure. It serves as a testament to the Overlook's undying allure, its capacity to inspire, terrify, and enchant, all captured in a single, stunning visual.

      I find myself lost in admiration, a sentiment that echoes my complex relationship with the hotel itself. This poster, much like the Overlook, is not merely to be viewed but to be experienced, to be felt. It transcends the conventional, offering not just a memory but a reawakening of all that the Overlook represents: beauty, isolation, mystery, and the thin veneer between the mundane and the malevolent.

      In every brush stroke, every shadow, and every light, the essence of the Overlook is reborn. For aficionados of "The Shining," collectors, or any who dare to be drawn into the Overlook's indelible legacy, this poster is not just a piece of art. It is an invitation, a challenge, and a reminder of the thin line between the real and the surreal, the seen and the unseen, the sane and the mad. A masterpiece, truly.

      This is easily the greatest review I've ever received, thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy your extended stay at the Overlook Hotel!

      Great quality!

      Love our Overlook Hotel print so much! Pairs great with the Derry print as well. The posters are awesome, but we will also come back for the great customer service!

      Jennifer B.

      Beautiful picture. The paper is hight quality and the ink feels almost velvety. So happy with it! Arrived in a timely manner and company was good with communication. It is going to make a nice addition to my haunted guest bedroom.

      Amanda O.
      Travel never looked so good!

      I’m super happy with my purchase! The artwork and design of the poster is such a throwback. It looks amazing on my wall! Excellent work!

      Jay R.
      So cool

      High quality poster, even better in real life. Worth every penny. Would absolutely purchase more of this collection.